China is a leading economic power and Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people as a first language than any other language in the world. An understanding of Mandarin and appreciation of Chinese culture has become an indispensable tool for developing international business opportunities and enhancing the experience of travel in Asia as well as being an educational way to spend your spare time.

Learning to communicate effectively in Mandarin will offer a privileged insight into more than 5,000 years of Chinese history, culture and tradition, embracing philosophy, literature and the arts.

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Meet 101MLC TEAM

Based in Bristol, our team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers are predominantly native Mandarin speakers with specialist teaching experience and training, and who have chosen to make the UK their home.

Our classes are conducted in a fun and interactive environment in which learning all aspects of the language, including vocabulary, grammar, communication skills, reading and writing, become an enjoyable and rewarding experience for students, young and old.

We offer opportunities to participate in cultural events and activities, as well as tours to the Far East to further enhance the learning experience.

At 101 Mandarin Language Centre, we give 101%!


Andrew Dudley, Chairman

Having spent 12 amazing years living in Taiwan and 2 years exploring China, I am very excited by the prospect of offering British children and adults the opportunity to learn about the wonders of China through its language and culture. From personal experience, being able to communicate with the locals of any country in their own language can create strong relationships, aid networking and facilitate cultural awareness and therefore take one’s experience to a whole new level.


Douglas Cheung, Managing Director

I grew up in Lancashire speaking English, Hakka and Cantonese. My journey with Mandarin started in my twenties leading to a fulfilling career spanning China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the UK. I have been on an international school board of governors which gave me an insight into the world of education. I am now involved in bringing Chinese schools to invest in the UK and introducing UK private schools to potential partners in China.


Amy Lu, Head of Operations/Director

Born and raised in Taiwan, I have a deep understanding of both the language and culture of China. After moving far away from my family home to study music in England, I have now decided to share my knowledge and love of Chinese culture with the people of Bristol, where I have made my new home. Whilst living in London, I gained valuable experience in teaching Chinese at the Barnet Chinese Community Association, and I hope to share my knowledge with aspiring students who are keen to learn about the wonderful language and culture of China.


Zhao Hsu, Head of Teaching/Director

My interest in science and technology at an early age led me to study Applied Sciences at university in southern Taiwan where I grew up. Following several years in scientific jobs, I decided to pursue a career in education to help people develop themselves and their language skills. I taught Mandarin to non-Chinese speakers and was a student counsellor at various universities in Taiwan for 8 years. After I settled in the UK, I started to teach Mandarin at OCA Sunday Chinese language school to children aged between 5 and 15; and then at the Bristol Language School to adults of different nationalities for four years. I also tutor adults and children interested in developing their Chinese knowledge and proficiency, from beginner to advanced levels as well as those taking GCSE, A level and HSK exams.


Group Classes

Designed for 4-8 students in order to maximize student/ teacher interaction, encourage participation and enhance the group learning experience.

Each class will run for 90 minutes

One-to-One Classes

For those who require a deep and immersive learning experience with class content tailored to individual needs. 

Each class will run for one hour

Online Tutorials

Available for anyone who requires one-on-one remote learning or group remote learning.



For your specific needs, all lessons are designed below.

Tailored to your needs, ie. Presentations, business trips and relocations.

English to Chinese

Chinese to English

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Taiji quan & Chi Gong

Join our instructor for a Beginner’s course in the ancient Chinese martial art of taiji quan and learn the techniques of this gentle exercise which helps with circulation, balance and alignment of your body.



Our certified therapist uses this traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) form of deep-tissue massage to stimulate the flow of qi (energy) to boost the body’s self-healing system. Call us to book an appointment.



Social events to fully immerse you in Chinese culture during festivals such as Lunar New Year, Dragonboat Festival, Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival.



Chinese Course

Group lessons: 4-8 students per class, £25 per lesson (90 minutes), 10-lesson course

Total cost £250

Taiji quan and Chi Gong

Group lessons: up to 15 students per class

£6 per lesson
(60 minutes)

Educational trip

Tour A, B and C

Chinese Course

One-to-one lessons

£30 per hour



£30 per hour


Text books


Calculated according to: subject type, document type, time frame and specialist requirements


Each cultural activity will be charged individually

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